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March 3, 2024 - The Second Kazakh vegetable oil industry seminar at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Japan

Last year, the first Kazakh vegetable oil industry seminar was well received, and we recently co-hosted the second seminar with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Japan.

This time, we had 7 companies participating, and we would like to report on the new crop yield and production of all oils and fats in Kazakhstan, the characteristics of each oil and fat, the current state of exports to foreign countries, the country’s competitive advantage, the logistics situation, and our company’s performance. I did. This time, we received an additional report from Mr. Nevzorov, Chairman of Kazakhstan Oil and Fat Union, the top local industry organization, which is believed to have deepened the understanding of the participating companies about the country’s oils and fats.

Over the past 10 years, oilseed production has more than tripled, making Kazakhstan the number one oil-producing country in the Central Asia-Caucasus region (consisting of nine countries) and a well-known global oil supplier. . On the other hand, Japan relies almost entirely on imports from overseas, and the business environment for overseas procurement of raw materials is becoming increasingly difficult due to geopolitical influences such as unseasonable weather and competition with other countries.

In order to resolve the concerns and dissatisfaction of Japanese companies, which is our mission, we will actively disseminate real industry information from the Central Asian region that is not available in Japan, and create a new alternative to the Japanese oil industry called “Kazakhstan.” Introducing the source. We will continue to work hard to support the business efforts of Japanese customers in order to achieve a stable supply of various oils and fats, albeit in a small way.

This initiative was featured in JETRO’s Business Newsletter, please see the URL below.