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July 16 , 2023 – The first Kazakh vegetable oil industry seminar at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Japan

The first Kazakh vegetable oil industry seminar was recently held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Japan, with our company serving as the presenter, with the aim of promoting and introducing Kazakh domestically produced vegetable oil to Japanese oil manufacturers.

On the other hand, in recent years, unseasonable weather has become more frequent, and geopolitical risks have increased, creating an extremely difficult situation for Japanese industries that rely on imported raw materials from overseas. On the other hand, Kazakhstan is a world-famous producer of flaxseed, safflower, rapeseed, sunflower, etc., but the Japanese oil industry says, “There is no information on local cultivation methods and the current state of oil extraction.” “I don’t know what quality it is,” Kazakh products are so little known.

It was against this background that we decided to hold the first seminar, and many Japanese companies participated. Taking this opportunity, we will strive to meet everyone’s expectations , including providing local information that will give Japanese companies peace of mind, with the aim of realizing a stable supply of vegetable oils produced in Central Asia.